Premium BannersBe Outstanding with Visual Promotion

Increase user engagement and CTRs

It will be placed on top of the website that appear at the top of almost every web page except landing page or sales page. It is normally horizontal in size which consists mainly of logo, tagline or some other elements such as social media icons, advertisement banner or search bar.

Horizontal banner, 800 X 84 pixel, is placed in the header of the site. Near the header logo and is visible to all main page visitors without any need for visitor interaction.

  • Exposure of 2000 + visitors per month
  • We take care of the artwork design.
  • Reports – Impressions and clicks tracked

Interactive elements for expressing your business

Impress your Customers with lively eye-catching image and company gist hyperlinked to your webpage.

  • Fine-Tune Your Marketing Message
  • Enhance the Overall Visual Appeal
  • Stand out Specific Information
  • Instant showcasing of product
  • Better display of textual content
  • Reports – Impressions and clicks tracked

Footers logo establishes consistency

Your company logo will be placed at footer of the website which is near to the important information such as a copyright notice, a disclaimer, or a few links to relevant resources.

  • Create Brand by representing company logo
  • On click redirected to your business page
  • Easy to look for products by manufacturers brands
  • Increase direct interaction & sales
  • It is an effective Call-to-Action
  • Reports – Impressions and clicks tracked